Sunday, September 20, 2009

blogger VS wretch


i have left this blog for ages nuh~~

kinda lazy to update my blog~~


my friend always ask me why im using wretch but not blogger since i have both of them~~

there are some reason that i use wretch instead of blogger~~

here goes~~

1, because there is quite hard for me to upload my picture here~~

2, last time~~

i didnt have any friend using blogger but using wretch~~


as i got any question

i can seek for their help~~


i would like to use wretch instead of blogger~~

sooner or later~~

i have already left blogger a side

and post my article ther~


there is an advantage posting article here~~~

that is~~

i no need to decorate the page of my article~~

it is too easy here for me to post out my article~

because im too lazy to decorate my page~~



when i got mood to post a new article~~

as i think that i need to decorate my page~

the mood gone~~



at here~~

it is easier and saver as there is a draft autosaved service~~



i have made a decision~

continue my blogging life in blogger nuh~!!!


but 1+

i think i need your help in my blogging life with blogger nuh~~

thanks first ya~~


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