Tuesday, November 17, 2009

HOLIDAY~~ first day ^^


my first day holiday is tuesday~

this meant i really can rest at home

because today mama e shop din open~

so i no need to work~ muahaha~~

so happy~


still have 'dim sum' as my breakfast~~

then mama and i go to parit buntar there to visit my ama~~ ^^

顺便 visit my cubi niece~

figuring how is she now because i never seem her for a few months~

*drive safely to ama house*


suddenly at the t-junction there i saw road block~~

as usual~

bo police block me de~~

so i just press break a bit only~~

who knows the both police show their red flag and call me stop~~ =.=

i then emergency brake~

my things all fall down... =.=

one of the police then call me wind down the window and show my lisence~

then the other one said:"

miss, a piece of advice..

next time whenever you see road block~ please slow down your car~" =,=


i so paisei~~

the police that took my lisence always see at my face... ><"

mayb wondering am i the person in the lisence??

or ... what i also dont know~~

after that~

he returned my lisence and say byebye~

hehe~~ i think hor~~

they tot im driving underage~~


because most of my friends see my new hairstyle also cant recognise me~~

somemore now i have a new spec~

they said i look smaller~~ ^^

dont know is good news or bad news~~ muahaha~~

*drive safely & park safely*

then i saw my agong peluk meinv(my niece)

then i peluk her~~ ^^

this is the video i took~

cute xia~~!!!


she kinda busy~~

take this take that~~

take my car's key~

take my purse~~

take my pencilbox ~~

take out all the pencil and pen....



she is too cute!!


she really grew fast and out of my imagination~~

last time i saw her~

she haven't know how to call mama~


she even know how to walk~~!!


she really grew up very fast~~


at 1 sth~ she go to her aunt house~~

i also stay in ama house doing my homework~~

mama and ama talk and talk non-stop~~


they talk until 3++..

i tired le~~

then take a nap on the sofa ther~~ ^^

when i awake~~

it's already 4++~~

after say byebye with ama~~

we back edy~~

*亭·留的笔迹 1845pm*

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