Tuesday, November 17, 2009

today = happy day~~ ^^

already 1 month++ i din update my blog edy nuh~~


because im too lazy to figure out what to post~

kakaz~~ ^^

today is the last day we go to school for year 2009~~

and we all like siao kia because we are too happy for that~~

we already discussed in facebook that we will be having pot luck when we recess~~


so most of us bring something to school~


i bring sushi~!!!


and the most happiest thing is~~

my sushi is the first food that finished~~ muahaha~~

abit 遗憾 because i cant taste it~~

because i flu edy~

so i dont know how it taste~~ =.=


today whatever i ate~

are TASTELESS~~!!!


but hor~~

i still eat lots~ muahaha XD

these are the food that we prepared~


we have enjoyed very much in this 'party'~

and that moment~

all ppl show out their 犯规物~


i got abit scare to take out my phone at that time~

because head prefect stand beside me~~

then at last~

i still take it out~

she just stared at me~~

and i melemparkan senyuman manis for her~

act like nothing happen~~ muahaha

she also act like din see anything

so i begin my paparazzi job~ kakaz

i took alot of picture~

then sometime still cant tahan because i din take the photo of mine~

so sometime got 自拍 awhile nah~


i really enjoy every much today~~

keep eating, taking picture, and taking video~ muahaha~~

*亭·留的笔迹 00.00am*

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